About Ray


A preacher since the age of fifteen, I have been involved in vocational ministry for 15 years as a pastor, educator, and denominational leader. My wife, Katrina, serves faithfully alongside me in ministry and works with our denomination at the state level. Beyond my ministry in the local church, I teach pastors and preachers through local and international partnerships and online seminary teaching.

I earned my MDiv and PhD from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a BA from Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. For my doctoral research, I conducted a discourse analysis of the Sermon on the Mount. My research interests are discourse analysis, homiletics, Koine Greek, and New Testament. As I have opportunity, I present my research at academic conferences.

I love Star Wars, vintage video games, traveling with Katrina, bluegrass music, the Tennessee Volunteers, and when I have time, hunting and fishing.

One thought on “About Ray

  1. Tim Harris

    Hi, Pastor Ray. You were my OTA Garrett Fellow in 30020 WW, Sp 2021. I can’t find your email address and need to email you something. When you have a moment, could you email me? Thanks!


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